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Ance Scar Removal

Permanent Breakdown of Scar Tissue Treatment

Stimulates Collagen Production Resulting in New Youthful, Clear Skin

  • Gentle Microneedling Breaks Down the Scar Tissue Permanently

  • Non-Invasive, No Sedation Required

  • Works on any type of Acne Scar

  • Great Looking Results-No Leftover Discoloration or Uneven Skin Seen in Some Other Procedures

  • No Recovery Time Like in Other Procedures

Start Seeing Results

Right Away Including:

  • Smoothing of Scar Tissue

  • Lightening of Discoloration Close to the Scar

  • Removal of Vertical Lines

  • Shortening of Scar Depth

Don't Feel Ashamed Anymore!

Pricing & Visits

Treatment Procedure:

  • Numbing Cream Applied (Optional)

  • Microneedling Performed

  • Herbal Oil Made with Organic Herb Extracts to Increase Treatment Effectiveness and Eliminate Recovery Time. Dressing is Then Provided to Cover. 

Our Flat Fee Pricing for Acne scars is 1500 for 5 treatments. No wondering how much the total cost will be. Treatments are performed 5 weeks apart. Our services typically cost ~30% less than laser, with a better final result. The treatment can be provided without numbing cream, it will just be mildly painful for a few minutes. Patients who do not use the numbing cream usually rate the pain at tolerable 2 out of 10. Because of the low pain level, most patients opt to not use the numbing cream. 

Treatment for Scars Other Than Acne or C-Section Scars

Schedule a complementary in-person consultation with Dr. Austin Low for quotes.

Patients with surgical scars should be at least a couple months post-surgery so the skin has sealed. The sooner treatment begins after that, the better.

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